Nyamitse-Calvin Mahinda
Founder and CEO

Nyamitse-Calvin Mahinda is the Founder / CEO of Vital Audio Inc. His healthcare journey started more than a decade ago as first responder, before joining the Clinical Researcher and Clinical Management front. Nyamitse-Calvin is trained Bioengineer in Interactive Medical Robotics with a sub-specialty of Digital Signal Processing. He led the Mobile Integrated Care team for Cityblock Health at the height of COVID-19 pandemic building systems and workflows for in-home care delivery before founding Vital Audio. Today, he has led Vital Audio through numerous critical milestones with his acute ability to strategize and implement technological solutions.
Harsh Sonthalia
Co-Founder and CTO

Harsh Sonthalia serves as the Co-Founding Chief Technology Officer at Vital Audio, where his expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, algorithm development, and pattern recognition drives innovation at the forefront of health technology. He completed a specialized program at MIT, focusing on health-tech and developing algorithms to detect and predict infections in cesarean sections before graduating from NYU Tandon School of Engineering. His unique blend of technical expertise and a deep commitment to enhancing healthcare through technology underlines Harsh's pivotal role in shaping the future of healthtech solutions at Vital Audio.
Viraj Lakdawala, MD
Head of Clinical Board

Viraj Lakdawala, MD, is a distinguished physician executive with extensive experience in telemedicine. Board-certified in Emergency Medicine and Clinical Informatics, he has successfully led and developed numerous Virtual Urgent Care and Mobile Care Departments. At Cityblock Medical Practice, as the Medical Director of Virtual Health, Viraj implemented innovative telehealth solutions to improve patient care and experience. His prior roles include serving as the System Chief of Emergency Medicine Telehealth and as the Founding Medical Director of NYU Langone Virtual Urgent Care, where he was a trailblazer in telemedicine. Viraj's dedication to innovation and integrated care delivery demonstrates his commitment to clinical excellence and advancing healthcare through technology.
Tae Hong Park, PhD
Senior Research Consultant

Tae Hong is a prominent figure in the field of music technology, known for his expertise as a bassist. He contributed significantly as an Associate Researcher at LG Central Research Laboratory in Seoul, Korea, focusing on digital communication systems and digital musical keyboards until 1998. His academic pursuits led him to Dartmouth College and Princeton University for graduate and doctoral studies. He has authored "Introduction to DSP: Computer Musically Speaking."  he holds the position of  Chair of Department of Music at Purdue University, where he continues to influence the field with his innovative work and research.