Remote healthcare solutions using
voice-based cardiac monitoring.

Pioneering Clinical insights
through digital voice biomarkers.

 Lack of clinical insights leads to the increase of avoidable hospital visits and unsustainable costs for payers and patients.
It overwhelms the Healthcare System, and leads to suboptimal patient after care.

Avoidable Visits

Avoidable ER
More for ER visit
than primary care
Cost/avoidable visit
Introducing SAUTI 1.0

From an 8 second call, SAUTI v1.0 can extract heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV) and speech assessment.
Measurements are reported in real-time to providers, who can then route patients to appropriate care.

Our Mission

We believe healthcare should be readily accessible to all communities regardless of the social determinants of health. We make quality healthcare more efficient, affordable, and universally accessible through voice-based cardiac monitoring.

How we can help

Vital Audio is transforming care delivery across several care models and direct to consumer service. Our solution enhances comprehensive personalized care, reduces healthcare costs, streamlines clinical trials, and personalized patient care.
Recognized with multiple awards for our innovation, we empower healthcare professionals to provide better care, ensure timely intervention, and tailor treatments to individual patient needs, setting new standards in healthcare accessibility, equity, and efficiency.

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